Roberta de Riso is the one in black.
By her side Leone Biscotto

Designed and Made in Italy.

«roderì c’est moi», this brand completely represents me, even the world roderì comes from my name Ro-berta de Ri-so.

We also share the name, since his was born from the first syllables of mine, creating a simple, cheerful sound that reminds a laugh.
Who knows me knows that laughter is my figure.
The passion for fabrics, combinations, finishes and models are the basis of this craft, which I fell in love with many years ago working in children’s clothing.
At a certain point, however, I began to reflect on the absurd difficulty, for us “not canonically perfect” women, of finding the right clothes to wear and how humiliating the experience of the dressing room could be at times.
So I decided to take advantage of my skills in the sector and combine them with my experience as a consumer so that what I – but not only – lived as a frustration, would become a rewarding experience, for me and for all women.
And so I threw myself headlong into this project with passion.

Fashion is fascinating, creative, poetic, a source of inspiration, but ironically it can also be a reason for unhappiness: it is an art form, yes, but that can make us feel wrong.
This is why I chose to try to change things by creating a sophisticated, current clothing brand with the fashion content of a contemporary product, but at the service of all of us.
A collection born and produced to make us always feel at ease.
That’s why I ask you: “Are you ready to smile?”

Contact us

tel.: 02 82396890
email: [email protected]

Via G. Modena 24 – 20129 Milano

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