Can you keep a secret?
For years I have been struggling  with how the waistline of skirts and pants fitted me and to find the right one that was comfortable, that didn’t make you look clumsy and that showed weird wrinkles. Belts, pleats, elastic bands and shirred waistbands were almost always a problem.
To solve this problem I decided  to combine the comfort of girdles and leggings with the clothes I would have loved to wear.
This is how the idea of ​​the brand’s signature “shaping waistband” was born. made with a hi-tech and performing material that shapes the silhouette, so that we can feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time.
This product was created for everyone. it can be used to hide those few extra pounds or to accentuate your waistline.
A perfect ally for every occasion, beautiful to show and easy to hide, to make you always feel at ease.
The shaping waistband Roderì is the one that has the smile embroidered in gold on the back!

What we do

Roderì is a collection that reconciles real women with fashion through a selection of easy-to-wear pieces that enhance all silhouettes. Women can feel sophisticated and comfortable at the same time. A collection created with certain volumes and strategic overlaps, based on the study of fabrics, colours, cuts and combinations that enhance femininity. A line created to make everyone feel a little safer but also free to choose without settling for second best and without renouncing fashion in favour of comfort or vice versa.

impeccable design and lines

Easy to wear and practical to wash and iron. A line that facilitates life and helps you feel better. With sizes ranging from 38 to 52. Are you a size 40? Do you want to take the attention away from an unflattering décolleté? Here are trousers with a very high waist band that immediately make your waist stand out. Are you a size 50? Do you want to flatten your belly? The same garment will turn into a containing piece if worn correctly.

made in italy

I always believed 100% in made in Italy, not just because I think it essential to support our country, but also because I believe in an ethical system, a high quality supply chain in which every worker is adequately paid, and healthy working environments where everyone’s rights are respected.

direct distribution

My collection was created for the public, which is why I decided to sell directly, without intermediaries, as I feel that I am the best person to represent my brand. I look forward to seeing how women receive my product as I establish close relationships with them.


email: [email protected]

via G. Modena 24 – 20129 Milano

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